Bizarre City is Pulsar Ensemble’s second album.

It is a record that launches the listener into a space where the many variations of post-rock, psychedelia and electronic music meet.   

The music tells the story of an imaginary city, organised into nine bizarre and surreal boroughs: a metropolis beyond time and space, which becomes visible only to those who enter within, its myriad atmospheres continuously overlapping and intersecting in a kaleidoscope of impressions. 

Every track brings a different image to life, in a journey through an unknown yet recognizable neighbourhood. 

Upon landing in Bizarre City, which lies at an altitude of 2000m above sea level, you will glimpse a quaint little village, solidly perched high up in the mountains, called The Times of the Mountains, a place where men of great spirituality and folkloric wisdom live harmoniously together.

From above, in an elevated train, you are swiftly transported to the futuristic quarter Timelapse, where you can observe the city in all its spectacular variety: you can spot the smoky fumes of the industrial quarter Temel and Toplum, never pausing for a second their production of thumping sounds and enormous soap bubbles.    

Turning in the other direction, you will see a wonderland town, designed in the form of a pinball machine or Flipper: here anything is permitted and all is warped and incomprehensible. 

The elevated train continues, then−all of a sudden−slows down, almost coming to a halt, rewarding you with the vision of pure and unconditional thought as it is born.  Welcome to Clouds.

Not far from here you approach the pulsating hub, a place bustling with all sorts people of from all times: here you can meet wise old sages, inventors, astronauts and robots; all of them have the emblems of their secrets tattooed in alphabetical letters on their bodies, scattered in random order. You have reached Bizarre Secret, where nobody knows anyone.     

Continuing your journey, a bit further along the line, the train goes through a shielded and transparent tunnel on a suspension bridge: you are now in Waiting, a limbo, and you have lost all consciousness.  Here the forces of nature reach their maximal intensity.

Once you have crossed the bridge, a borough splashed with the colours of fruits and vegetables awaits: the folk here are quirky, welcoming and comical: they paint the air with their hands and only speak in rhymes.  They are constantly joking around and walk along without ever touching the ground with their feet.  You have now arrived at the end of the line at Fine Final, the bohemian borough. 

Getting off the train, breathe in the air: it is so pure that every action awakens a unique, unrepeatable feeling.  Wait a few seconds and you will be at Sensation_2: your body having dematerialised.


  1. The Times Of The Mountains
  2. Timelapse
  3. Temel&Toplum
  4. Flipper
  5. Clouds
  6. Bizarre Secret
  7. Waiting
  8. Fine Final
  9. Sensation_2


Music: Filippo Sala

Production: Filippo Sala, Jacopo Biffi 

Recorded by: Vincenzo De Leo @ Crossroad Studio, Cologno Monzese (Mi)

Mix e Master: Max Trisotto

Ph: Claudine Strummer, Francesco Roncoli


Pulsare Ensemble is an Italian band founded by Filippo Sala in October 2014, featuring five multi-instrumentalists.

The band brings to life an unusual and diversified set made of drums, tuned and untuned percussions, synthesizers, electric bass, electric guitar, voice, samplers and live electronics.

Their music embraces post-rock and post-jazz sounds, ambient music and electro pop, alternating dreamlike moments and a powerful energy that hypnotize and overwhelm the audience.


e-mails info@pulsarensemble.com ; pipposala@hotmail.it

website www.pulsarensemble.com

social facebook/pulsarensemble ; instagram/pulsarensemble

mobile Filippo Sala +39 3280537578

               Luca Mazzola +39 3484403902